About Us

Fermentation Society “Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire”. – David Rains Wallace. That is something we believe, too. That’s why in 2016, a devoted group of postgraduates at UCC decided to show their passion for all things fermented and founded the Fermentation Society. Our goal is to meet others who are interested in learning more about the history of fermentation, the folklore, but also the science behind it. As a new society, we are very flexible and open to your ideas too! So, do you want to have a piece of the pie? Then come and join us. Last year we organised an Irish cheese-and-wine paired tasting, we visited craft breweries, tested the skills of our members in pub quiz events, hosted an expert speaker on the early history of Irish beer and we held a homebrewing workshop. This year we want to make it even more exciting! We would like to visit more local (artisan and not so artisan) businesses that use fermentation to produce their products, ranging from kombucha to cheese and coffee. We are planning to hold events such as talks from expert guest speakers, guided tastings, industry tours, and more hands-on workshops! Or what about a society competition for best home fermented products!? There is so much to be discovered about fermentation in Ireland and the deep roots of food tradition are well suited for it! So if you have a sparkling interest for food, its transformation, or only even in the pleasure of consuming it, then come and join us for some fun and tasty moments.